Who is LMG Advertising Agency?

Lee Marketing Group had the resources and talent on hand for branding, web design, video production, social media management, and overall ad campaign execution, but it wasn't until 2015 that these services were packaged together to launch the fourth division, the LMG Advertising Agency. With the company already offering apparel, promotional products, signage, graphic design and paper products, and after being asked to handle social and digital media development and campaigns for a number of clients, launching LMG Ad Agency was a natural progression in the growth of the company. The founder, Randy Lee Jr. brought on Lindsay Meacham as President and Managing Partner in 2017 to run the day-today operations and help grow the division. The LMG Ad Agency offers advertising and digital media solutions for clients, including web design, social and digital media management, video production, logo design, brand development, print services and full-scale advertising campaigns. The division has a team of experienced marketing professionals that will walk with your organization through the rigorous process of establishing a brand identity, building a web presence, and leading on-target advertising campaigns that intentionally focus on the audience that you want to reach.

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